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The Final Goodbye || Jessica and Noah Hamilton

In all his years of life, Noah Hamilton was sure that he had never seen a sadder sight than this. Before him was his home – not the place that his mother had given birth to him (prematurely by three weeks, Kayla might add) nor was it the home that he had grown up in after his father had left him. No, the home that stood tall and shadowed over even the giant himself was the castle in which the best memories that Noah had were made – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a home to thousands of children each year but to no one more than Noah. The spring sun beat down on Noah and Jessica, hand in hand and ready to say their final goodbyes.

For the young couple, it seemed that life had moved fast – almost too fast. Not that either seemed to mind, because if ever true, pure love existed it was in this couple. Despite the tears, the wet cheeks and the goodbyes muffled by tissues and handkerchiefs, the two were smiling. Their jobs at Hogwarts had lasted but a few months, certainly shorter than their schooling careers, and both staff and student alike who had ever so much as crossed paths with Noah and Jessica were standing outside the castle to say goodbye.

Although Jessica and Noah had settled into their jobs nicely after returning from an exciting, long-lasting honeymoon, it seemed like it wasn’t… right. Both loved their jobs with all their hearts, but it was agreed that to really live their lives they would have to venture into the uncharted territory that awaited them – the deep end, where there were sure to be man-eating sharks and flesh hungry monsters, yet it seemed like this would be their best adventure yet, and they would fight of the monsters and the bad things together, wouldn’t they? They were Jessica and Noah Hamilton and they were just about ready for anything.

Anything… including the tiny package hidden under the white cotton of Jessica’s shirt.

Both could not be happier, really, and the couple’s best friend, Evelyn Wood, was sat before them with tears in her eyes as Jessica and Noah chuckled at the almost forced saddened expression, for it was impossible to be sad over the situation that had Jessica and Noah with their bags packed standing beside a car. “I’m going to miss you guys,” she said with a sniffle, and Noah reached forward to pull the tiny girl into a great big bear hug.

“Look after my place,” he mumbled into her hair, “don’t let it get out of hand. Look after everyone.”

Evelyn smacked his arm with a small laugh. “You’ll be back checking in every now and then – just because you have a smart Ministry job now, Noah, it doesn’t mean you can just forget all us little ones. We made you!”

With a laugh, Noah looked to Jessica, her hand on her stomach and a smile on her lips. “Hear that?” he asked, feigning a bewildered expression, “She thinks she made me!”

His wife laughed and shook her head in mock-shock. “No! That’s mad,” she cried, and Evelyn rolled his eyes playfully.

“I made you, I can break you!” she laughed, turning to see that the rest of the goodbye party had headed inside. Noah gave a small sigh, looking after them with a longing expression. As excited as he was to move on, there was still a small part of him that just would have preferred to stay in this moment forever – but there were bigger, better adventures waiting for him and he couldn’t wait for them. Evelyn gave him a small smile. “You can always come back, Noah, remember that.”

Although he hadn’t wanted to leave his teaching job, nor did Jessica her training, it was the right thing to do. The ministry was closer to the house that Noah and Jessica had bought, and it’d be good for him to be able to get to and from home without hassles – apparating, of course, was a last resort for the young wizard and he absolutely detested it. Plus, there would be the hospital just around the corner for when Jess needed – and in roughly six months, she would need to be close.

“I expect to be there when you pop, Mrs. Hamilton,” Evie added in a teasing tone. Jessica winced playfully at the term ‘pop’, rather disliking the images that came along with the word.

“I hope I don’t pop,” she replied, scrunching her nose. “I really hope I don’t.”

Evie laughed and squeezed Jess’s hand. “You know what I mean!”

Noah grinned, reaching to wrap his arms around Jessica from behind, nuzzling into her hair. “If she pops, I won’t be happy,” he mumbled, giving Evelyn a mock-glare.

Conversation lasted hours beyond Noah’s comments, and all that he could think about was the life that he would be starting with the woman that he loved. Things, at first, had been hard for the couple, but it seemed that from now on it would be nothing but smooth travelling for them, that they would be happy and nothing more. Before Jessica, Noah had thought of love as a fantasy, of nothing more than a fairy tale, but the woman in his arms taught him otherwise, and his best friend had taught him otherwise, too. As they said their final goodbyes to Evelyn, tears in their eyes and their hearts heavy, Jessica and Noah found it hard to be really… sad.

Their new life was coming at them, their new path was just a step away, and both were incredibly happy. Their final goodbyes, it seemed, had been said. Their final song had been sung, their last words spoken, and neither could be happier.


-reaches up and kisses his cheek- Hey handsome. How are you, love?

I’m fantastic~ Did you sleep alright last night?



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[grins right at his gorgeous girl, reaching out for a snuggle]

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jessica-hamilton liked your photo7/100 Pictures of Cory Monteith

[grins right at his gorgeous girl, reaching out for a snuggle]